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Business Approach; How we do it-



This is our environmental and social responsibility to work for environmental sustainability. So Danske Jutevarer has produced a 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly, sustainable packaging material called jute hessian sack and Jute geotextile called felt and soil saver.


We should all contribute to produce more Øko foods in an organic and ecological way, and reduce food waste to get more sustainability. To achieve this goal, we should use the jute geotextile on our agro fields and nurseries, and get rid of plastic.


We must not limit our responsibility for environmental sustainability only to producing our food in an organic and ecological way, we must extend our concern to the whole logistic chain from production to supply, specially packaging and carriage of goods. Here Danske Jutevarer has come up with the perfect solution for this by offering jute hessian cloth made sack bags for packaging and carriage of goods, other than using wooden boxes or plastic.


Our products are customizable to your requirements. We have huge automated machines to fulfill your desired design. Any kind of branding and printing is possible on our products, and jute hessian sack bags can be perfectly processed by automated packaging machines.


Danske Jutevarer is not only focusing on one-way sales but we want to work with you on a project basis. Where we work hand in hand from designing the perfect products that meet your need to coming up with a whole sustainable solution for the package and carriage of goods. We will also work to provide you with the perfect quality and relevant jute geotextile for your agricultural fields, according to your requirements, need, and desire.


We are very open-minded and feel free to call to have an informal and non-bonding chat for more information to figure out how we all together can make a more green environmental footprint. We want to work with you as partners to make a sustainable and ecological value chain from production to delivery to customer. We will take no stone unturned to prove ourselves as a trustworthy and dependable business partner. Looking forward to have a coffee meeting with you soon. It will require you nothing except time, a few minutes of your valuable time.


Note: We are ready to take a minimum 2 CBM order quantity even, as we really care about nature and our business relationship.


We made hessian from jute of different shorter porter and twin, and then from that hessian we make different product such as

  1. Net bag
  2. Hessian cloth bag
  3. Sack/gunny bag
  4. Grocery bag

Which you can use for

  1. On shelf packaging
  2. Storage and carriage packaging
  3. Grocery and beach bag or
  4. Simply Raping sheet

We are very flexible and capable enough to customize our product according to need and preference. If you are a business feel free to contact us for free sample. One of our representative will personally show up with the sample and briefly describe you the product. Your current packaging system might be very different from the jute packaging, and it might be difficult for you to imagine alternative ideas and solution. That is why let us start a project on jute packaging materials suitable for your need. Let us find few question’s answer together. These services are totally free of cost as we want to promote jute by all means. Until you fully satisfied and conform your order our consultancy service is going to cost you nothing but only time. Our main policy is to be transparent and very flexible to satisfy our customers. We will be with you in every step of your packaging process from order to your finish goods packaging. For us customer satisfaction comes first before anything.