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Welcome to Danske Jutevarer; Your Partner for Sustainable Solutions

At Danske Jutevarer, we are driven by our environmental and social responsibility to work towards a more sustainable future. With that in mind, we have reintroduced 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly packaging material, known as Jute hessian packaging.

We recognize that food packaging is a crucial part of the food value chain, yet it remains one of the weakest links in terms of environmental impact. Plastic packaging dominates supermarket shelves, contributing significantly to plastic waste in our economy. To create a greener food value chain, we believe in replacing plastic with Jute packaging wherever possible. By adopting jute geotextiles in agro fields and nurseries, we can eliminate plastic from cultivation and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability extends beyond organic and ecological food production. We understand the importance of considering the entire logistics chain, from production to supply, with a particular focus on packaging and carriage of goods. To address this concern, Danske Jutevarer offers the perfect solution: Jute Big Bag that provide sustainable alternatives to wooden boxes and plastic bag. Our Jute Big Bag can carry 50 to 1000 kg of weight with customizable size, having strong handle to move with fork lift easily. 

Our products are highly customizable to meet your unique requirements. We boast extensive automated machinery capable of fulfilling your desired designs. Whether it's branding or printing, our products accommodate a range of options. Jute hessian packaging can be seamlessly processed by our automated packaging machines, ensuring efficiency without compromising quality.

At Danske Jutevarer, we aim to be more than just a one-time sales provider. We aspire to work with you on a project basis, collaborating closely to design products that perfectly meet your needs. Together, we can develop sustainable solutions for packaging and carriage of goods. Additionally, we offer premium-quality jute geotextiles tailored to your agricultural fields, ensuring they align precisely with your requirements and desires.

We pride ourselves on being open-minded and transparent. Please feel free to reach out to us for an informal and non-binding chat. Let's explore how, together, we can make a greater green environmental footprint. We envision a partnership where we work hand in hand to create a sustainable and ecological value chain, from production to delivery, ultimately benefiting the end customer. As your business partner, we leave no stone unturned to establish ourselves as trustworthy and dependable. We eagerly await the opportunity to meet over a cup of coffee and discuss how we can collaborate for mutual success. Rest assured, this meeting will only require a few minutes of your valuable time.

Please note that our commitment to nature and our business relationship is exemplified by our readiness to accept orders with a minimum quantity of 2 CBM. Our dedication to both the environment and fostering strong partnerships is unwavering.

To create our products, we utilize jute of various lengths, weaving them into versatile hessian materials. From these materials, we produce a diverse range of products including net bags, hessian cloth bags, sack/gunny bags, grocery bags, big bag and more. These products are suitable for on-shelf packaging, storage and carriage packaging, grocery and beach bags, or even as wrapping sheets. Our flexibility enables us to customize products to match your unique needs and preferences.

If you are a business, we encourage you to contact us for a free sample. Our representative will personally deliver the sample, providing a comprehensive description of the product. We understand that transitioning from your current packaging system to jute packaging may be challenging, which is why we propose starting a project tailored to your packaging needs. Let's explore potential ideas and solutions together. These services are completely free of cost as we are committed to promoting jute in every possible way. Our consultancy service will only require your time until you are fully satisfied and ready to confirm your order. Customer satisfaction is our main priority, and we will support you throughout the entire packaging process, from order to finished goods packaging.

Join us at Danske Jutevarer, where customer satisfaction comes first. Contact us today to embark on a sustainable journey together, revolutionizing the packaging industry.

Our Work Process:

  1. Before Production: We value your input and ideas. We are excited to work with you on prototype projects, starting from scarce ideas and developing solutions to fulfill your specific requirements. Our designing and research and development (R&D) services are offered free of charge and are non-binding.

  2. Customer Requirements: We welcome businesses of all sizes to share their requirements with us, from small enterprises to large corporations.

  3. Quotation: After understanding your needs and specifications, we will provide a non-binding price quote. We guarantee the most competitive prices without compromising on high quality. Feel free to seek specialist advice from us to address any doubts or concerns regarding specifications, all at no cost. Just give us a call and let us know your needs and purpose – we are ready to serve you.

  4. Sample and Purchase Order Confirmation: If you agree with the price quote, we will create samples for you at our own cost. Once the samples are confirmed to meet your satisfaction, we can proceed with the purchase order.

  5. During Production: Our production is outsourced to an ISO certified facility in Bangladesh, boasting substantial production capacity. For example, we can produce up to 45,000 sac bags per day.

  6. In-house Quality Check: We maintain a highly skilled team, including textile engineers, who conduct rigorous quality checks during production, with a particular focus on product quality.

  7. 3rd Party QC: To ensure stringent quality control, we have partnered with SGS International, a trusted third-party quality control partner.

  8. Delivery: Our transport partner,, is one of Denmark's most reputable companies, ensuring secure and timely delivery of your goods. All goods are fully insured for added peace of mind.

  9. Warehouse and Inspection: We have implemented meticulous warehouse check procedures in Køge to guarantee 100% checked and confirmed products, ensuring zero risk and 100% satisfaction.

  10. Door-to-Door Shipment: Our pricing includes all costs, from the factory to your doorstep, providing a comprehensive and transparent service.

  11. Airfreight: In addition to our standard delivery options, we offer competitive airfreight services. Our pricing is highly competitive, and the service is provided by once again.

Choose Danske Jutevarer for a seamless and reliable experience. Experience our commitment to quality, sustainability, and exceptional customer service. Contact us today to embark on a sustainable journey together.