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About the Entrepreneur


Tahsina Tawheed

Owner Manager

BSc. Honors in Applied Accounting

Oxford Brookes University, UK.

Chartered Certified Accountant (Advance Level), ACCA, UK

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I am Tahsina Tawheed and Danske Jutevarer is an endeavor of mine. I am a highly educated chartered certified accountant and experienced person with relevant knowledge of business, also having a very good analyzing power of customer needs and understanding of how to solve the problem with products. I am young, energetic, and ambitious. The cause of the business's existence is not just to make profits but also to solve an environmental problem. I will work really hard to make Danske Jutevarer successful.

I run Danske Jutevarer and serve my customers with a very positive mood and turn problems into opportunities. Most importantly, I believe in the Pilot in the Plane principle. This means I control my own business and my works, based on my own resources, which enables me to coordinate personnel and resource and I do not invest more than I can afford to lose.

Lastly, I represent Danske Jutevarer as a young energetic person who sets realistic work plans and tries seriously to meet up the customer's desire on time by managing tasks. As a person, I never break my promise and as well as Danske Jutevarer will also keep its promise at any cost and never let the trust down, I promise.

I researched the market and came to know about the Danish plastic and wood chopping-related law. After that, I decided to take initiative to fill up the market gap with 100% nature-friendly jute-made products, with a motto to help nature to revive.

Note: special thanks to Slagelse Erhvervscenter, for trusting and encouraging me to cope with the go green trend and be the entreprenør of Danske Jutevarer today.