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Jute Agro-Textile- Felt (Non-woven)
Jute Agro-Textile- Felt (Non-woven)
Jute Agro-Textile- Felt (Non-woven)
Jute Agro-Textile- Felt (Non-woven)

Jute Agro-Textile- Felt (Non-woven)

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Danske Jutevarer is approaching you for the purpose of introducing you, to our 100% biodegradable jute products like jute agro-textile both woven and non-woven, which can be used in your agricultural fields and nurseries to make it more environmentally enhanced and beautiful.


We make hessian cloth called BURLAP and a jute mat for growing plants called FELT with 100% plant fiber called jute (a small plan )and also jute net called jute soil saver. We have an urge to be a part of the ecological value chain and help nature. And We are able to make many kinds of customizable hessian cloth Burlap, jute felt, and also woven jute agro textile called soil saver.


You can use our products for many purposes especially:


  • Temperature and Moisture control: During winter months, pots can be wrapped or nestled in burlap to help retain heat, and light layers of cover can help protect plants from frost.
  • Sowing seeds on a jute mat called felt: By placing a jute mat atop germinating seedbeds you can protect the seeds from animals, wind, excessive sun, and heavy rain. you can also use loose weave burlap as it will allow germinating seeds to grow through, which is called soil saver.
  • Moving plants: Burlap can be used as a wrap to protect roots and hold soils for transplants. It can be “planted” and will decompose quickly.
  • Use burlap instead of mulch: Instead of using mulch to keep your soil moist after your harvest. Laying down burlap will also prevent soil erosion, and therefore can take the place of mulch between plantings.


Nonwoven and woven jute agro textiles - felt and soil saver are completely Biodegradable and strong products, which also degrade without leaving harmful traces. Can be applied in -


  • Road construction and Landscaping
  • For Filtration
  • Tree Nursery Field
  • Soil Erosion Control
  • To Protect Trees from Snow as a jute mat.



  • Woven and Non-woven (felt)
  • Available from 280 to 1000 GSM
  • Production Capacity 25000 Kg per day
  • Durability 1 to 4 years 

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